Cold Winds

Lately I have really been in a self-love mood. Not that I am cocky or think I’m the most amazing person in the whole world, but I just really have been appreciating myself more and more as well as the people in my life. And I feel like that’s super important, especially as an introvert. Cold Winds (2)Cold WindsI really feel that when we love ourselves we learn to love every little thing about the people around us too. It’s important to not look at ourselves in such a bad light because that light is the same light you will begin to look at others in. The way we think about ourselves is the way we begin to think about the people around us. Cold Winds (3)Cold Winds (4)Learn to love yourself and vibe with all your style choices and makeup choices and really just learn to not care about what others might think because you’re not moving forward if you’re always worried about what people are gonna think or say. Just do you’re best and dress the way you like and wear confidence.  Cold winds (5)Cold Winds (6)Just completely embrace all the flaws and the weirdness of your style. Even in the simplest outfits there can be such beauty and uniqueness. Smile, be weird and wear bright red. Cold Winds (7)

Shop The Look:

SIMILAR Red Long Sleeve Crop Top – Forever21

High Waisted Skinny Jeans – H&M

Creepers- T.U.K Footwear


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