My Christmas Decor Essentials

I am so in love with the Christmas season and all the joy and excitement it brings. One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of the season is decorate my bedroom. Decorating can help it feel more festive and Christmasy every day, plus it’s so much fun to do and beautiful to look at.

Christmas DecorOne of my favorite decorations is this cute little birch tree that lights up. I like it because it’s small and fits in my room (although I do kinda want a big one) and also because it’s not a pine tree like people usually have for Christmastime. Christmas Decor (2)These icicle type ornaments are my favorite. And this light silvery blue is just a perfect color!Christmas Decor (3)Some of the more basic stuff that you need no matter what you are doing for your Christmas decorating is fairy lights and some garland. These simple easy touches can be put anywhere and can really pull all the decorations together. Christmas Decor (5)Don’t forget to turn on some Christmas Music and drink hot chocolate while you decorate!Christmas Decor (6)My absolute favorite thing that I got for my room is this adorable llama throw pillow. I am completely obsessed with it. I saw it and couldn’t leave the store without it in my hands. The best part is that the llama is carrying presents on his back. Plus the little bits of red add some color to my blue, white and grey room.  Christmas Decor (7)For the most part I tried to stay in a color theme of white, blue, and silvery colors because it went along with the colors already in my room. Christmas Decor (8)One simple thing you can do is take extra ornaments or pine cones and put them in a jar to make a cute little decor piece for your deck, windowsill, or bookshelf. Add sparkly snowflakes and stars as well. I also got lots of extra ornaments to place randomly on my bookshelf. They are very cute and only 3$ at Target.Christmas Decor (9)Christmas Decor (4)I love decorating for Christmas. My room was just the beginning. I will be getting the main tree this weekend and decorating the rest of my house with my Mom. I will post lots of pictures and such on my Instagram story so make sure you are following me there. My handle is genneydarling .

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