Warm Hearts

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving Day!! I had a wonderful time on Thursday and am now headed to m boyfriends family’s thanksgiving for a second feast. I love these days we dedicate to look at those around us and take a moment to think about someone besides ourselves. ThanksgivingWarm HeartsI always feel like sweaters and jeans is the go-to look for thanksgiving dinner. It’s comfortable but cute and often festive. This year I wanted that but still went a little out of the comfort zone. I’m not a big pink person but I found myself super drawn to this sweater. I really do love light colors especially these days where it gets dark so fast it’s nice to dress in light or bright colors. Warm Hearts (2)Warm Hearts (3)I’ve been loving light colors more and more. I used to dress super dark wearing nothing but black jeans and band tees but I’ve come a long way with my style the past year or so. I’m so thankful for this blog for that reason. I don’t think my style would have improved so quickly without having a blog which focused on fashion. Warm Hearts (4)Warm Hearts (5)I’m also thankful for the almost 300 followers I’ve gained on just my blog alone in just over a year. Even though recently it’s been less and less about the numbers for me. I love doing these style posts and sharing my life, my style and my thoughts with all of you. I find my blog to be such a free space to create whatever content I want.Warm Hearts (6)Warm Hearts (8)I’m so excited for the rest of the holiday season and all that it and the new year brings. Warm Hearts (9)

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Shop The Look:

Pink  Cropped Pullover Sweater – Target

White High Waisted Jeans – H&M

Taupe Boots – see in Face Your Fears post

Let me know what your go-to Thanksgiving outfit is in the comments…

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