Cranberry Apple Cider Smoothie

These past couple weeks I’ve been on a bit of a health kick. I will admit it doesn’t usually last but we’ll see how long I can stay trying to eat healthy and stay active….I’ll have another post on that later though.

While I was trying to find healthy ingredients in my refrigerator to put in my smoothie I made my own new favorite smoothie in the entire world. The true fall flavored smoothie. The Cranberry Apple Cider Smoothie.This is the most delicious smoothie I have ever made so I wrote down the ingredients so I could share it with you guys!Cranberry Apple Cider Smoothie

Cranberry Apple Cider Smoothie

1 Cup of Apple Cider

A large handful of cranberries

Lots of whatever greens of your choice (my favorites are kale and spinach)

A small handful of blueberries

protein powder of your choice (I like to use collagen for healthy skin and hair)

A little water

A dash of cinnamon

A touch of honeyCranberry Apple Cider Smoothie (2)

This is the most delicious smoothie and it’s perfect for the fall and for winter. It really has that holiday taste and it’s healthy and stuff. I have already made it for myself and friends several times this week and it is just so good.I can’t wait for y’all to try it and tell me how awesome it is!!

Please try it and let me know what you think!!!

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed. Please like and share this post with your friends and share for more awesome content!!


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