What’s Holding You Back?

I know how frustrating it is starting out. Especially with something you want to be good at or something you want to be able to do for the rest of your life. It’s hard to not have all your dreams come true right away. It’s hard when life isn’t easy….duh. Sometimes it seems like we are stuck, like it’s not gonna get any better than this. Why shouldn’t you just give up? Right? Well, that’s not right know how challenging it is because I battle these thoughts on the daily. And these thoughts can hold us back from obtaining our full potential.What's Holding You Back.JPG

The reason we never make progress is because we are too worried about the future or worried about what people think. If you let these thoughts go your creativity will run free and you will have so much more self-motivation to make your dreams come true. So much of what holds us back is in our heads. Those thoughts are unrealistic. We can do anything we want as long as we believe in ourselves. If we lose faith in ourselves we will lose our dreams as well.

So, what’s my advice then?

Believe in yourself, and believe in yourself fully. And take risks.If there’s something you want to do or try do it and it ill most likely bring you more opportunities and happiness along with them. The most creative ideas come from try something you’ve never done before. It can really bring your work to the next level. There is no growing without risk-taking. What's Holding You Back (2)

Let nothing hold you back, especially yourself. How do you expect to get through exterior battles if you can’t get through the ones you’re fighting with yourself? We need to realize that we are not our own enemy and we need to start thinking positively about ourselves, about our goals, and about our dreams.

Let me know what’s holding you back in the comments below!! I would love to talk with you guys more about it.

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