Face Your Fears

Fear is something we deal with on a day to day basis. Weather it manifests itself in insecurities or fear of the unknown, loneliness, rejection. etc… Insecurities seem to be the most common. I know it’s something I struggle with everyday and I am sure many of you struggle with the same things. We are constantly analyzing and judging ourselves based on the way we look. But it’s important to break past those fears in order to grow as people and a fashionable women. Face your Fears (2)Face your Fears (3)

Face your Fears (5)Face your Fears (6)

I found Dia&Co‘s #TryDayFriday initiative and wanted to step outside my comfort zone too!!

As many of you know it’s getting cold which means it’s warm clothes weather. One clothing item I was into in High School was beanies but they are so difficult to pull off. So, I thought I would try it out again and see how it worked. You guys can be the judges of the results.Face your Fears (7)Face your Fears (8)Face your Fears (9)

Another thing about this outfit that I am kind of insecure about is just the whole heels with a sweatshirt thing, but It was super comfortable and I think it works with the outfit. It’s one of those outfits that’s super lazy but still dressed up and pretty sexy.

I want to challenge you guys (my followers) to do the same thing and face your fears. Send me pics or share your posts were you are facing your fashion fears. It’s so important to break out of your comfort zone.

Shop the Look:

Metallica Hoodie: See in my Grey Skies Post

Neff Beanie – Zumiez

Similar Heeled Boots

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5 thoughts on “Face Your Fears

  1. I’m such a hoodie and jeans, run out the door person. I envy people who can style clothes really well and I try but seem to fail, so end up sticking with my comfort zone. You pull off this look so well though, gorgeous ❤

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