Afternoon Stroll

I love when you are walking around in a city or town that you are often in and you find a new little place that you have walked by a hundred time but have never seen. Afternoon StrollAfternoon Stroll (2)Just the other day I was walking around downtown Dover just shooting for this look with my girl Abby. We had just got Wendy’s and our shoots have been more laid back since we actually know what we are doing now and we were about to walk over the bridge when I saw this path that led to a cute little garden area. Afternoon Stroll (4)Afternoon Stroll (5)I was surprised I hadn’t noticed it before because I love gardens and I’m in downtown enough where I thought I would’ve seen it by now. I’m glad I found it though it’s such a cute little place. Afternoon Stroll (6)Afternoon Stroll (7)This week has been pretty warm so far…especially for the first week of fall. This dress is perfect hot days at the beginning of fall and I love how the sneakers keep it casual. I always have loved light colors like blues and whites but recently I have found myself obsessed with them.  I want to paint the whole world blue, white and grey tbh. Maybe throw a little accent colors here and there….some bright yellows and reds. Afternoon Stroll (8)

Shop the Look:

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What are your favorite end of summer colors? Tell me in the comments.

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