Just Chill| We Don’t Need to Spend Money to Have Fun

I’ve noticed a lot of times when I want to go out, I feel like I can’t because I’m short on money or there’s just nothing that seems like it’s worth paying for. Well, that’s not true at all. Just Chill

Some of the best times I have hanging out with my friends is when we aren’t doing anything at all. We could just be listening to music and talking and be 100% happy. You shouldn’t have to spend money to have fun. I’ve always found just driving around or going on walks to be so much more fun than going to the movies, eating out, or going to the arcade, although all these things are fun too.

Just Chill (2)

I feel like part of growing up is learning how to be satisfied with quiet. You learn not to need entertainment to be content in the moment. Sometimes it is important to get out of the house and clear your head though. I find it easiest to clear my head when talking to friends. So, what I do is I’ll pick up my friend and we’ll just go to some random place and talk.

Here are the places I like to hang out (as suggestions):

  • Railroad tracks – (It may seem a little dangerous. Last time a train passed us while we were on the tracks and then after hornets stung us but it was still very chill)
  • Driving around in the car -This one is probably my favorite pastime. I could drive around for hours with someone just listening to music
  • Hanging out at home -I know some may think this is boring but hanging at home can be fun ( try to paint or draw with friends, look at magazines together, surf the internet together, etc.)
  • Going for a walk in the woods or in the city – You can always find something new if you walk long enough

Really my whole point is that you don’t need to spend money to have a good time. Sometimes just the presence of good friends and good tunes is enough.

You’re life becomes a masterpiece when you learn to master peace. – Anonymous

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