Gingham Feels

This weekend I got this black and white mini dress from Zaful and I have been wanting to wear it all weekend but couldn’t because it was pretty cold. I’m glad it decided to warm up. This dress is perfect for summer days which makes me sad that I got it at the end of summer but hopefully I’ll be able to wear it a few more times before it turns cold. Gingham 1Gingham 2I have been seeing these gingham dresses a lot lately and I had to have one for myself they are so beautiful and fun. It gives such a light, simple feeling to an outfit. Gingham 3Gingham 4These photos were taken at my house because I have been going out a lot lately and I kinda just wanted to chill at home for once. Typically I would wear this dress going out though…I’ll probably wear it for going out with friends or my man. Gingham 5Gingham 6Gingham 7Gingham 8Shop the Look

Gingham Slip Dress-

Similar Platform Pumps

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor day weekend mine was pretty chill, but now it’s back to work/school. Thank you guys for reading share with your friends and family and follow my blog. I love you guys so much thank you for following and reading my blog.

What do you guys want to hear from me? Feel free to ask me questions or ask me to write a post on something specific….


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