Purple Top

These past few days have been absolutely gorgeous out. You know towards then end of summer when it’s cold in the morning and at night and when you wake up….yea that’s what it’s like where I live right now. But it’s still sunny and hot in the middle of the day which is why I wore this outfit which I think is perfect for the weather we are having now.Lilac Top 1Lilac top 2I love this time of year because now were getting ready for fall!! I’m so excited to wear sweaters all the time, go to fairs, and go apple picking…I have so many great post ideas for the fall, but I still don’t want summer to end and for a lot of us this is the last week of summer. 😦Lilac top 3Lilac top 5So, to keep up our summer spirits me and my friend went to get ice cream at this location where the photos were taken. I wanted to have some pictures of me holding my ice cream but the worker broke my ice cream cone and had to put it in a bowl….so much for that. Lilac top 6Lilac top 7Nonetheless these photos still turned out great, I loved my outfit and all the details and the ice cream still tasted amazing. Remember to enjoy summer while it’s still here!!

Shop the Look: 

Purple tank top …I got mine at target and I love it but they don’t have it anymore sorry 😦

Light-wash denim Mom Jeans- ASOS

Black Oxfords- T.U.K footwear 

Similar Cat eye Sunnies – Rue 21

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