The Red Dress

I’m all for having a LBD (little black dress)  in the closet as an essential, but I feel like every girl needs a red dress to stand out at the party. I feel like most people (myself included) like to migrate towards the basic colors because they are safer and usually more flattering but sometimes you will be happier stepping out of the comfort zone. RED dress 1RED dress 2

When I was buying this dress you have no idea how long it took my friend to convince me to get red instead of black. I usually try to stick to the most basic boring colors because I love them and they always look so good with my skin tone, but I needed to venture out and buy a bright color that would stand out. I’m glad she finally got me to get red instead of black.RED dress 4RED dress 5

I wore this dress to a wedding about a month ago and I got so many compliments on it. I only posted pictures on Instagram but I figured you guys that follow my blog would like to see it as well. RED dress 6RED dress 7

Shop the Look 

( The dress I am wearing isn’t in stock but here are some red dresses I really like from Asos)

Nordstrom- Black gladiator heels

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