5 Things I Can’t Live Without| Beauty and Lifestyle


Happy Friday!

Here is a roundup post of some of the things I just cannot live without including some of my favorite beauty products.Genney Darling- Things I can't live without

Music– I don’t know what I would do without music. I listen to music every morning while I get ready, constantly in the car, and even put on Frank Ocean to fall asleep.  I always notice a difference in my mood if I haven’t been listening to my music. If you want to see what I listen to check out my spotify. Also Lana Del Rey’s new album came out today and it’s beautiful so go listen to that as well.

Coffee– A day without coffee is like a year without rain. I don’t know how people get through their day without coffee. I started drinking coffee at a young age and it quickly became an essential and it still is to this day. I bought this new “the coffee”case for my phone the other day because I just felt it really expressed my feelings about coffee, and it’s super cute

Hey Honey lip balm – This lip balm is the best I have ever used. It makes my lips so soft and glossy, It’s a product this is always with me wherever I go. I have had so many glosses and chap sticks and lip balms….this is my favorite.

Nomad X Stockholm Highlighter This has got to be my favorite part of my makeup routine. There is nothing better than a shiny, sparkly cheekbone. Highlighter has become more popular recently and I usually don’t jump on trends but highlighter is literally magical. I don’t use it everyday but it essential when I do put on makeup.

High waisted jeans/shorts- Mom jeans have become a staple in my wardrobe. I could wear them every single day and not get bored or upset. I always more pairs and they go with everything so well. OML I am so thankful for mom jeans you have no idea. They changed my life. Posts with mom jeans and shorts- Mauve Maven  Mellow Yellow |Pt. 2

Batiste Dry shampoo– MY hair is constantly in need of extra volume and body and I don’t like to ash it everyday. So, dry shampoo is necessary day-to-day. I cannot go more than 24 hours without freshening up the hair.

These items and products are stuff I swear by so I hope you take the time to look into them. Thank you for reading and don’t for get to like/ share this post and follow for more content coming soon. Feel free to roam around my site as well and check out my other posts. cropped-gdarling.png


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