Eyes Open| Taking Time to Appreciate Everyday

Lately I have been trying to appreciate all the time I have ahead of me as well as the time I’m in right now (often called the present). It’s been hard at times but it has been easier when I remind myself to take time to do something for me. Eyes Open 1One way that I used to do this was to go out on a nature walk or bring my camera with me when I go into downtown and just take photos of everything I took notice to. I found this to be a good way to get out of my head and see the world a little clearer.

Eyes Open - 3 When you practice photography you are practicing seeing things in a new light, at a different angle, or a new perspective. It can also teach you to appreciate the things you see everyday that you normally wouldn’t notice. Being behind a camera and intending to take pictures makes you more aware of your surroundings, small details, and peoples mannerisms. Photography has taught me to be more aware.

Recently with my blog I haven’t been the photographer. I have been imparting that responsibility onto others which was very hard for me at first. It’s really hard to go from being “the photographer” and being the person who always has the vision and knows exactly what they want to the person on the other side of the lens asking “where do you want me? What do you want me to do?” I’ve learned to trust my friends that take the photos for my blog though and the two friends I usually use are both great photographers and I love what they have done for my blog.Eyes Open - 4(Shout out to my hot best friend for being my model yesterday)

However, I want to go back to being the photographer not permanently because I love being a model too but just to take time out of my day to appreciate life and the people, places and memories around me.Eyes Open - 5

As some of you may know I am taking an online course in professional photography, but with work and my blog I have been paying less attention to it. This summer I plan to pay more attention to that so my skills in photography will grow. Eyes Open -2

This summer I’m definitely taking my camera with me everywhere I go and encourage you guys to do it too if you don’t already have another means for taking some you time. I have already started doing this during the week so far and my mind feels clearer after I go out with the intent to take some pictures of something meaningful.

|Some photos in this post were taken for my Unit 2 photography project|

Let me know what you guys do to take time for yourself and just appreciate the things around you .

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