Mellow Yellow |Pt. 2

Hello darlings!

This post is going to be a continuation or rather a second part to a series. Mostly because I like the title but also because there’s nothing mellow about yellow.

Read Part One of Mellow Yellow SeriesMellow Yellow Pt. 2-2For a long time I never wore yellow. I’m not the biggest fan of bright colors so most of my closet is neutral pale colors. It really took some convincing for me to buy something yellow, but I feel fashion is a lot about taking leaps of faith. Mellow Yellow pt.2 -1I also wanted to mention that this look is completely thrift-ed. I have to say as a 19 year  old working a part time job, it is a wonderful thing wen one can find a good pair of shoes or a wonderful jacket for $5. I’m not gonna lie fashion is an expensive hobby (you already knew that) but there’s are ways to find items you love for cheap. Mellow Yellow Pt. 2-3Yellow is a strong color though, I’m glad I got it. Everyone notices someone wearing yellow there’s something about it that just attracts the human eye. Mellow Yellow Pt.2 -4I’m sure all through summer I will being wearing lots of mom jeans …I’ll have to find something to change it up. Mellow Yellow pt.2 -5My current favorite shoes are these leather Ked’s that I got the other day. I am so happy with them and my mom is very jealous. DSC_8835I can’t wait for more days to lounge around in the sun but currently I’m still getting some cloudy weather where I am.

Shop the Look

Similar Yellow Turtleneck 

Mom Shorts – ASOS

White Leather Ked’s 

Please read Part one of Mellow Yellow Series!!!

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