Spring Time with JORD

Hello darlings!

Recently I received a very unique watch from Jord, a company that specializes in beautiful authentic wooden watches.  I’ve always loved watches, there’s something about them that just look so sophisticated. I feel like people who wear watches have somewhere to be or somewhere to go. They are always organized and have their day, week and life planned out….they know what they want. Jord Watch 2.JPG

Jord Wood Watches

The watch I received is beautiful I love the dark sandalwood which gives it a chocolate-like color. I also love that it doesn’t have numbers. Most people would find this annoying as it may be harder to tell the time but i think it gives it a more minimalist look that’s very clean and  chic. Today I stayed around home but I wore it with one of my usual outfits and it seemed to go well. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.JORD Watch styledI love wearing t-shirts, I could wear them everyday if I could, and as much as I love high-waisted jeans…low waisted jeans are coming back and look really good with low cropped tees…not that they could ever beat high waisted pants though. Jord Watch

Everything about it was beautiful even the packaging which was a nice wooden box engraved with a J and the burlap pillow. The box even smelt really good when I opened it up which I loved a lot. Jord Packaging.JPG

JORD has also partnered with me to provide all of you with a giveaway. You can enter for a chance to win a $100 gift code for their site! Only one person will win but once the contest ends everyone will receive a $25 code for entering in the contest. Also, they have so many gorgeous pieces so I highly recommend you enter in this contest so you could save some money on them.

Jord Giveaway Form

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My Watch- Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood 

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