The Mean Reds

Hi darlings!

This week I needed something comfortable to wear because I had a very busy week and I’m completely exhausted. However, being exhausted doesn’t mean I don’t want to look good you can be comfy and look good at the same time….If you didn’t already know.The mean reds 1The Mean Reds2I feel like joggers aren’t in enough of people’s going out outfits. I like to wear them with heels because it dresses them up. You can go out with friends or go clubbing and all you have to do when you get home is take off your shoes and make up and go to bed. Easy enough. The Mean Reds 3The Mean Reds 4Also, I feel looking casual all the time is super in. You just look good when you dress decent effortlessly. Effortless looks are absolutely to die for.  It’s so nice to be confident and comfortable at the same time. Some times we have down days where we feel like everything is keeping us down but when someone tells me they like my outfit or even when I really like my outfit it gives me so much more momentum to finish off the day and get stuff done. The Mean Reds 5The Mean Reds 6Thank you for reading my post comment which picture you liked the best and let me know if you ever get days when you have the mean reds and what you do to prevent it. 

Shop the look~

Joggers- Forever21

Heels- Just Fab

Sunglasses~ Urban Outfitters

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13 thoughts on “The Mean Reds

  1. Generally I’m really not into the whole sweatpants/joggers as outerwear thing. So you’re unlikely to catch me at it. However, you are one of the few people I’ve seen pull it off perfectly! You’re right, the heels really does class them up, big time ❤ And that top and those glasses are just to die for!! *o*

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    1. Thank you 😊 I don’t normally do joggers except for around the house but I wanted to try something new and I loved it. I’m glad you think it looks good 😊 👌🏻


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