Level 2

Hello darlings!

This week was great I had a lot of time off to just chill and relax and hang out with my friends. I wanted to do more on the blog this week but that’s okay.  At the end of the busy “off” week denim seemed like a good idea, but it always does. Level 2 -1Level 2 -2By the time we did this shoot we were already done, but wouldn’t leave without the perfect shots. When we first got there we realized my camera battery was dead. So, we went back home and charged the battery for a half hour.  Level 2-4Level 2-5When we got to the place the second time I had left the battery in the car so we walked back to the car once again.  Finally we were all set and we got some pretty great photos. Level 2-7Level 2-9This shirt was a plain tee that I had I just added a cherry iron on patch to make it a little less boring. Shop the look down below. DSC_6598

Shop the Look:

Creepers- T.U.K Footwear

Mom Jeans- ASOS 

Cherry Iron-on Patch – Michael’s 

Jean Jacket- See in “When All Else Fails” Post

Thank you all for reading. I have been wondering what my readers think of my blog and my different posts. What do you guys like? What do you guys dislike? I want to know what will improve this experience for y’all.

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Stay extra,


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