April Outtakes| What Didn’t Make the Blog

Hello Darlings!

Behind all the blog posts I publish for you are many photo shoots filled with great pictures….but also some horrible ones some funny ones and others that just didn’t make the post.

I thought it maybe entertaining to share some of these outtakes with you to change it up a bit. DSC_4294“I just wanted a doughnut.” DSC_5004Looking fly and werking it at this shoot which is one of my faves for sure, DSC_4998We’re just gonna call this one “the claw” because I don’t know what else to say about it. DSC_5151Okay, this one should have made the blog post but you’re seeing it now so we’re good.DSC_4744More canoeing scenery. DSC_5559One of my fav photos ever taken thanks to my photographer. Much love~~DSC_5993There is nothing more beautiful than a blossoming tree.DSC_5371“When someone thinks you care” DSC_5200I get serious Beyonce vibes from this photo. DSC_6258

Excuse me?profileIdk man it was all a blur. DSC_6026I think these fish have inspired me to buy my own koi pond. DSC_5846Taking time to stop and smell the flowers. DSC_6193“Hold up lemme fix my hair for the millionth time today”

Well, I hope that was entertaining for y’all. I know I enjoyed looking through these photos. Thank you for reading and make sure you follow me and like this post. I hope to see you back here.

Much love,


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