My Dream Closet Space | Inspired by Arhaus

Hi darlings!

Have you ever dreamed of what your future dressing room would be like? Maybe a room big enough to fit all the clothes you dream about having? Maybe with a couch to lounge on as you decide which shoes you want to wear today?

Well today I am partnering with Arhaus to dream a little more and give some visual aid to my dreams.

Here is a style board of some of the things I hope to have in my future closet. The furniture is all found on Arhaus’s websiteDream Closet Mood Board.jpg

I always wanted a closet that has plenty of space for not only clothes but shoes, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, etc….Obviously. However, I also would want some space for a couch and a few chairs as well as a desk so that I could work on blog posts and such in their. It could be part closet part office.

I figured I would choose a pendant light instead of an ostentatious chandelier. It is only a dressing space after all. Of course windows are a must so that natural light could illuminate the room as well. The closet space would have glass doors so that I could see into my closets and I would have a few plain mirrors and one or two of these fancy ones you see in the image. To hold all the pairs of shoes I will have a wall or two of just shelves, bags and hats could go there too. A few plants in different areas of the room might be a good idea as well because one can never have to many little trees or succulents.

I want the space to feel sophisticated but without overdoing it. It would have a  pretty clean and natural color palette (most likely ivory, gold, and black) and I would adorn the wall with this picture of Audrey Hepburn balancing a martini glass on her forehead.audrey


Dreaming up a dressing room is a lot of fun and looking through pinterest gave me a lot of good ideas which you can see on my dream closet board. There is still plenty of time to plan my dream dressing room more and I’m sure my plans will fluctuate between now and then. closet.jpg

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Much love,


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