Shades of Cool

Hi darlings!

This week has been crazy but here I am with another great  outfit posts for you guys.

Shades of cool 1Shades of Cool 3I really liked shooting on top of this parking garage because it was absolutely beautiful on top of there looking down at little downtown Dover, New Hampshire. It was such a nice day, the sun was shinning down on us and there was a cool breeze. After we were done we just laid down on the ground since there was no one there. The whole time there was some indie band playing in the park so we got free entertainment as well. Shades of Cool 6Shades of Cool 7This shirt I got earlier on a thrift haul. I was really stressed so the only way I knew to help was shopping therapy. Shades of Cool 9These shoes have been in my closet since the winter and now I’m finally able to wear them. They are so cute and pretty comfortable as well. Shades of CoolThis sweater I am absolutely obsessed I also got this on while thrift shopping this week . I love it because it is SO DARN big. I loved over-sized anything  really but this sweater, the second I saw it on the rack it was mine. The shades are another new favorite from Sunglass Warehouse. They sent them to me to try out and I love them. They mirrored lenses always make me feel futuristic.


Similar Shirt-   Ribbed Mock Neck Bodysuit – Forever 21

Similar Sweater- Men’s Grayers Jensen Button Cardigan- Nordstrom

Shades- Bastille Shades- Sunglass Warehouse

Similar Shoes – Lulu Block Heel- Target

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Thank you all for reading! Have a wonderful week! cropped-gdarling.png


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