Skin Care Favorite| Murad Clarifying Mask

Hello darlings!

Today I wanted to tell you about this clay face mask that I have been using quite a bit lately. The Murad Clarifying Mask is made for acne prone skin and it reduces the redness and irritation in your skin therefore causing less breakouts and it also absorbs oils and dirt drawing out the impurities in your pores. DSC_4986[1]

I love it because of how well it cleans out my pores. I have always had trouble with having large pores and it can be difficult to clean my skin well enough but this mask helps a lot. Also I’ve noticed that some masks are a little to harsh and sting for a bit when I first put them on my skin  but this is a very natural clay based mask and it also doesn’t take forever to dry like some do. You just apply it to your face, wait 10 minutes or until dry and then wash off with warm water.

This mask is very good for spot treatment but also for an overall clean face. It is definitely an essential part of my skin care regimen.

Murad Clarifying Maski

**This is not a paid add I just really love this product and wanted you guys to know about it**


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