What I loved in March  | Books, Shows & Music

Hi darlings!

I love this time of year!! Finally being able to breathe the spring air and take off those obnoxious winter coats…It’s good to be finally in spring.

For my favorites post this month I wanted to post about something other than beauty and fashion. Some of my inspiration for my style comes from the shows I watch, the music I listen to, and the books I enjoy reading. I feel that sometimes the best way to get inspiration is just watch a show from the 90’s or listen to new music. Here are some of the books, shows, and music I highly recommend.

Books- DSC_4234[1].JPG

“Z: a Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald” – Therese Anne Fowler – I love the jazz age so of course I had to know all about the life of miss Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. The 20’s was filled with such fun and unique stories of parties a flappers and new unique fashion as well.

“Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life”- Justine Picardie–  An amazing read on one of the greatest icons of the fashion world. I have always loved Gabrielle “coco” Chanel, but this book made me fall in love with not only her designs but her story and her personality. It’s nice to read about the girl behind the little black dress.

“Capture Your Style” – Aimee Song – I love this book it is really well written and has helped me a lot with my Instagram, especially with my pictures and aesthetic. For those who haven’t noticed my Instagram has dramatically improved and I feel that it gets better every time I post.

TV shows  DSC_4246[1]

“The Royals” – Not gonna lie this show paints the British royal family as quite a scandalous bunch, but it is just a show and is not accurate. However, it is quite entertaining. With a rebellious princess and a good intention-ed prince…what’s not to love. (On Amazon)

“Friends”- Friends is totally a classic and while some people don’t really like sitcoms, I adore this one. If you haven’t watched it yet I definitely would. I have been watching this show a lot lately, and Rachel always provides me with fashion inspo which is always nice. (Also all seasons are on Netflix so go binge watch it.)

“Z: The beginning of everything” – This show is based of the book I mentioned first and I love it for all the same reasons. I love watching retro based shows to not only learn what it was like but see what they wore and how it inspired modern fashion. It’s an amazon original so that’s the only place you’ll find it.

“Daria”- This show came out in the late 90’s and is a dark comedy about teen life. If you haven’t watched it before just look up some memes and you will want to. The only place I can find it right now is on Amazon instant video.

Music- March Favs

The entire “Starboy” album -The Weeknd ( I love the weekend and this is my favorite album by him for sure)

sunset in Paris- Belle  (This song is so good love the lyrics and love Paris)

Never Be Like You- Crywolf   (This one is addicting for sure)

Callin’ Ur Phone-   ives.  (I love this one a lot too)

Lowlife- That Poppy ( I have had this song on repeat all week long)

All these songs are on my spotify playlist which you should follow for the coolest music and I add music to it all the time. Also, I’m very excited for Lana Del Rey’s new album as well as Lorde’s which are both coming soon.

I believe that all this stuff that I like impacts my style. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and maybe you found some new shows to watch or music to inspire you. I love finding new stuff to read, watch, and listen to. So, please comment some of your favorites or new finds.

Thank you for reading and please follow and subscribe for more posts. Comment below if you have any particular requests.


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