Escaping the Fire | #OOTD

Hi darlings!

This week has been pretty crazy and stressful. I’m not gonna go into detail and tell you every little problem in my life because I believe in keeping some things private, but I will let you know I almost didn’t get this post done but I love y’all so much that I pushed to get it done. Genney Darling-1Genney Darling- 2I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately with my fashion but this outfit was pretty fun for a casual day just hanging with friends. This jacket is one of my favorites but I don’t wear it too much because I’m afraid of getting it dirty but I love wearing white so much and I want more white jackets and shoes tbh. The shirt I went and got literally the right before the shoot. I just went to Walmart and got a black crew-neck from the men’s section and cut it off to make it into a crop top. I feel like it would’ve looked awesome in grey too or maybe a hoodie cropped…I’ll have to experiment with that.  Genney Darling- 3Genney darling- 4You can tell I’m always fixing my hair, but sometimes it makes pretty cool photos. It’s hard to do a shoot when it’s cloudy and gross and you’re just not feeling it, but I feel like it turned out pretty well. Genney darling- 5I love wearing patterned tights under ripped jeans and I like how rolling up my jeans showed a little bit at the bottom too. Vans high-tops are so hard to get on and off so today I just left them untied but it looks cute so I’m not too unhappy about it.  DSC_4156[1]

Thanks for reading and please make sure you follow for weekly updates, I have a couple extra updates this week so come back later in the week. And make sure you’re following m on my social accounts for cute photos and just updates on my life and my blog. Comment if there is something you want to know or do a post on I would love to hear your input.

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