I’ve Got to Do Things My Own Way

Hi darlings!

This week I was looking for some more pants for work when I stumbled upon these at a sale at H&M. Not only are they perfect for work but they are sweatpants! (Don’t tell your boss!) They are so comfy and I recommend everyone reading to go out and get a pair right now.  DSC_3624DSC_3777To work I would wear them with a sweater or maybe a plain black or white t-shirt, but for this outfit I wore them with an old band tee and some Oxford’s. DSC_3802DSC_3816It’s still too cold to walk around without at least carrying a coat but jean jackets are a perfect solution. This jacket is my go-to and I grab it while walking out the door almost everyday. It’s perfect for this time of year when you need a jacket that’s heavy but not like a winter jacket. Plus who doesn’t love denim? DSC_3821DSC_3825My hat is a new favorite. I love this green I could buy everything in this color and I didn’t have any hats like this and I thought it would be a great accessory. It seemed to work quite well…a great solution for bad hair days. DSC_3899DSC_3921My readers are also a new item which I have been wanting to get for a while but kept on forgetting. I love the look even if I have 20/20 vision and don’t need glasses. The hoops are  new look I’m trying…I see Khloe Kardashian wear them almost everyday and she seems to rock it so I thought I’d try. DSC_3909DSC_3831This outfit is so comfy and perfect for a low-key outing. I had a lot of fun shooting for this and driving around with my friends after we finished. It’s funny how sometimes you can just be driving nowhere and still behaving the best time.

Band-Tee – Thrifted

Pants- H&M

Hat- Target 

Similar Readers- Urban Outfitters

Shoes- See in Previous Post- Sunny Sunday Apparel

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Much Love,


15 thoughts on “I’ve Got to Do Things My Own Way

  1. Hi Genney! I finally got the time to check out your blog! The pants do look really comfy! I like how it looks like a dress pants but it’s not really lol

    Thank you for visiting my blog and the follow! I followed you back 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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