Peace| Winter Outfit

Hi Darlings!

This week has gotten exceptionally colder than the past few weeks. Hopefully it’ll blow over soon and we can all start wearing spring fashion, but I guess I’m okay with this in-between weather because it means sweatshirts and boots! IMG_1547IMG_1553To start off this outfit I thrift-ed both the pair of boots and the denim skirt last week. When I got the skirt I had to cut the hem off and make it a little fringe-y at the bottom, distress it, and give it a few holes to make it look more worn.  These boots are my current favorite shoes in my closet and I want to wear them everywhere!! I thrift-ed them and they were only $10!! They are so cute and actually warmer than I expected and they are not to high either so it’s not a pain to walk around for a while in them. IMG_1557IMG_1559I was told by my friend/photographer  that it’s hard to get good pictures because I don’t stop talking during our shoots. So, I’m gonna have to work on that maybe ill just fill the silence with music next time lol. IMG_1563I got this sweatshirt last week as well and it’s so comfy and soft I would definitely wear it everyday if I could.I always find myself throwing up a peace sign so I thought it would be perfect for me. IMG_1566IMG_1569IMG_1584I really love the way all these colors go together, I have been so obsessed with light blue lately which obviously  includes light denim. So, as a pre-warning you may see a lot of light blue in the future.

Also, I had a denim jacket and sunglasses with this outfit but didn’t get pictures. It would look really cute with a leather jacket as well. IMG_1576

Thank you for reading my posts! Be sure to follow my blog and to follow me on my social media accounts linked on this page. I recently reached 100 follows for my blog so I just wanted to thank you guys so much! Thanks for sticking with me and I’m so excited to keep growing and make better and better posts for you guys all the time.

Sweatshirt – Forever21

Skirt –  Thrifted and DIY’d by me

Shoes – Thrifted


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