Warmer Weather

Hello darlings!

This week on my blog I thought it’d be nice to focus on a business casual type look. I have been working more hours lately so I have been searching for looks to wear to work. As I found some I realized that some of these looks can be altered and worn on days off or days when you want to dress for a casual event but still look professional or tad nicer than usual.img_14621img_14641img_14651


I picked up this black turtleneck shirt at a thrift store to wear to work because it’ll go with practically anything. I used to hate turtlenecks when I was little but now I find they look very classic and chic. A turtleneck is perfect for this time of year when it can be either cold and sunny or warm and rainy.You can wear them by theirselves and not worry about having to carry around a jacket.


What better to go with a turtleneck than high-waisted mom jeans? I thought it would go with the look quite nicely and I tied the look up with a black braided belt and my new favorite pair of grey flats. I also thrifted these shoes and I absolutely love them!! I have been wearing them to work just about every day.


This outfit was perfect to wear to a vineyard in my opinion and that’s where I was going that day. TBH I felt kind of like a beatnik though and the beatniks got their style from the French so I guess that’s why I felt this outfit appropriate. I went Boordy vineyards and tasted some wine which was very good I might add. We tasted a red wine called Cabernet Sauvignon. This vineyard is absolutely beautiful and I have been there many times. They offer tours, tastings…and blahimg_14751



This is one of many outfits I wore on a short vacation I went on and tomorrow I will be releasing a video on my YouTube channel which will be a look book of what I wore well on vacation to watch it tomorrow subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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