Back to the 90’s

I’ve decided to do some decades posts since vintage styles are popular right now and inspiring lots of stylists and designers alike. I feel like I haven’t seen an outfit in a couple of years that hasn’t been inspired by the 90’s 80’s or 70’s. img_1072190s-fashion

So I’m starting out this series with the 90’s. I was only alive for two years in the 90’s but I’ve seen enough movies and listened to enough music to love that decade and love some of the fashion inspiration that came from it. img_10781img_10821img_10931img_10901

One trend was grunge styled fashion.Grunge means grime or dirty but it also refers to rock music with psychedelic guitars and lazy vocals. The people who followed this trend often wore dirty heavy boots like combat boots and wore them with everything including floral skater skirts and torn up jeans. img_10991img_10951

Another popular look  you will notice in 90’s fashion is “mom jeans” (also called boyfriend jeans) especially those that are high-waisted. i love the high-waisted look, it makes you’re legs look slimmer and longer and it is perfect for tucking shirts and sweater into without looking strange. There is something not quite right about tucking a shirt into low-rise jeans. This sweater is one that I got from the good will and featured in my Thrift Haul video. For all I know it would’ve been bought in the 90’s and be a true vintage sweater. I used it for this 90’s grunge look because of the dark colors in it that tie into the grunge and the stripes are very 90’s looking to me and it’s over-sized and very warm so it kept me warm on this cold New England day.img_11011img_11061


Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed this look I know that I love it a lot. If you did like it please like it, share the post, and follow me blog and my social media accounts. I update weekly so come back next Monday for something new. cropped-gdarling.png

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