The Darling Bomber

I am obsessed with bomber jackets! I mean who isn’t though. Even more so I love this one which was custom-made for me by a friend. The second I got it I knew I had to show it off.img_09761img_09451I didn’t want to wear something that would distract they eyes away from the jacket so I kept it pretty simple. I wanted to wear a band-tee but there was just too much details going on with that and the jacket together. I decided on black high-waisted skinny jeans, a black turtleneck tank top with white stripes and these Adidas SuperStars (which are super cute and very popular!)  img_09331img_09241img_08801img_08711img_08481img_08261img_08101darling bomber .jpgI love all the patches on this jacket! Patches are a great way to customize bomber jackets, jean jackets, or anything you want really. This jacket came with most of the patches on it already, like the Louis Vuitton patch, the cherry patch, the lipstick one, etc. My friend bought the letters for darling separately and sewed them on.  img_07371img_07331My friend that gave me this jacket actually lives in Florida. She is my closest friend but a few years ago she moved to Florida and it was hard to spend that much time without her so whenever we visit we try to do as much as possible together because we don’t know when the next time we’ll see each other will be. She’ll be doing some exciting things with me this week for my blog. Make sure to like this post and follow to read my posts weekly. Thank you for reading!!

Shop the Look: Similar Black Striped Turtleneck Tank, High Waisted skinny Jeans, Adidas SuperStars, Similar White Bomber Jacket.


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