Sunny Sunday Apparel

Sunday afternoons are the best! There is nothing to do but relax and prepare yourself for Monday. I always feel like the best thing to wear on days like this are flannels. I will NEVER stop wearing flannels. If I have anything to do with it they’ll always be “in”.  *side note: Sorry about my hair I’m in the process of growing out my bangs. My hair will be real cute once I have control of my bangs. Any tips you feel like sharing are appreciated.* img_04261img_04251img_04221IMG_0414[1].jpgimg_04121These jeans were actually a happy accident. I bought them as skinny jeans and for a year I didn’t wear them wanting to get rid of them but never actually tossing them out. One day recently I took them back out and tried them on rolling up the ends. I have to say I loved the end result and they fit a bit like boyfriend jeans. img_04111img_04071IMG_0405[1].jpgWhite tee shirts are a favorite of mine because they are so simple and create a clean look to an outfit that has patterns or a lot of textures going on. The outfit wouldn’t have been the same with a band tee or a different colored tee this shirt was a perfect compliment. (Also white makes a lot of people look tanner so it’s perfect for winter when you’re still pale af.) The choker is a recent purchase from Pacsun that I LOVE!!! I am obsessed with chokers…as you may have been able to tell, and I had to get this one because of the beautiful pastel color…and it’s velvet. Velvet is such a huge trend that I love right now. I could buy velvet everything!!! img_04031img_04021At first when these pictures were taken I was just being silly but then my photographer was said “No! That was cute!” So I thought I would continue to show off my fishnet type tights. I wore them under these jeans because I liked seeing them with the shoes I was wearing and my jeans rolled up. img_03991img_03561Another recent buy is these shoes. I have seen some of my favorite bloggers wear these I believe they are called creepers (correct me if I’m wrong.)  After seeing many cute outfit posts with these included I had to get myself a pair. Ever since I have been wearing them a lot.img_03501img_03651This jacket I love and wear all too often. I actually stole it from my Dad, it was his in the 70’s and its real suede and fur-lined so it keeps me very warm and I love the way it looks. I love 70’s fashion! img_03881img_04091

All of these items compliment each other so well with the colors and fabrics and it’s perfect for just hanging out. What are your favorite things about this outfit?

White t-shirt 

Acid-washed Boyfriend Jeans -or- Similar Boyfriend Jeans

Similar Flannel

Similar Pastel Choker

Creeper Shoe -or- Cheaper Alternative

Jacket in Previous Post

Thanks for reading! Please follow and browse my site for more posts like this one. If you have any ideas you would like me to try for future posts comment down below. I really appreciate all the support I have gotten this far.


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