It’s Okay to Be BOLD (Guest Post!!)

Being bold in your fashion sense is something that women (and men) deal with quite often. Most people aren’t willing to take the risk, or are insecure about their judgement, and that’s okay. Not everyone is comfortable with it and I don’t blame them- you are who you are and that is what fashion sense should reflect.dsc_09742dsc_09751dsc_09981It took me a while to get where I am with my style. I was always wondering if I looked acceptable in the public eye, or if what I was wearing fit the expectations of the world. Now I don’t care who likes my outfit and who doesn’t, as long as I like it that’s all that matters. Once we get that  through our heads, we can think about what our own personal style really is.dsc_10021DSC_1004[1].jpgdsc_10181DSC_1034[1].jpgDSC_1045[1].jpgFor today’s look I paired a Led Zeppelin band tee I picked up from Hot Topic with a classic patterned skirt from the loft. Because it was negative 20 degrees outside, I added my jean jacket and combat boots to top the look off. You could wear any pattern skirt, and any band tee, whatever you feel comfortable in!!DSC_1047[1].jpgdsc_11041Thank you for reading my post on hopefully I’ll be able to come back and do some more posts for you guys!!


Get this look:

Led Zeppelin T-shirt

Similar Patterned Pencil  Skirt 

Combat Boots- Hot Topic or Steve Madden

Denim Jacket


Thanks for Reading Abby’s post! I had fun with her while we worked on this post and she gave me some insight to my fashion sense too! So, if you guys liked this post and want me to have her post again in the future like this post or let me know in the comments below!



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