When All Else Fails

This is my go-to look 80% of the time. It’s just so easy to pull together! High waisted jeans and band tees will never go out of style and you can add a denim jacket like I did on a cold day. I also added some heeled booties and accessories to spice up the look a little bit. img_00301img_00271  I love stealing my brothers 80’s band tees. They are always so worn out an over-sized. It’s hard to get that worn out look when you buy band tees from stores like Hot Topic or Urban Outfitters, but stealing them from someone who has had them for years is an easier solution. If that isn’t an available option, you can often find some at thrift stores.img_00262img_00231img_00191img_00171img_00141

img_00051 When I went to get these photos done last week me and my friend were freezing our buts off! We definitely worked for these photos so after our little photo shoot we went to a nearby coffee shop to get something to warm us up, and I think it’s a new favorite spot of both of ours. I had been by this place so many times but have never gone in, but I’m glad we did. The coffee there was amazing as well as the interior design and the pastries. I can’t wait to go back again.img_00031


Get This Look:

Iron Maiden t-shirt 

High Waisted Black Skinnies 

Denim Jacket 

Black Booties

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you liked this post and tell me where you get your favorite vintage band tees in the comments below. There’s a lot of fun stuff happening soon so you DEFINITELY want to follow. You won’t regret it. I’m very excited about some of the stuff I plan on sharing with you all.





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