New Year’s / My Birthday Outfit

Happy New Year! To finish off the year I thought I would go with one of my favorite trends. The slip dress


I love this look and it is so comfortable. I could sleep in this dress and I just might. I paired the dress with a pair of black t-strap heels and a long fur coat to keep me warm. I loved this fur coat, I was given it a few years ago as a present and it is so beautiful, so warm and makes me feel like a movie star on the red carpet.img_25131I  bought this diamond and velvet choker which was an early birthday present to myself. Sometimes you just need to buy something nice. You know? I really felt like I walked out of the 1950’s.img_25031img_25261

I can’t tell you what the trends will be for the year to come but this look is a classic in my eyes. However, I do hope slip dresses will continue to be trendy for a long time because they are just so comfortable!


I love having my birthday on New Year’s day because it makes it twice as fun to celebrate. I get to celebrate another year and another year of my life. I am so excited for the year to come, hopefully you will continue to join me on this crazy journey that is my life. I love blogging and I am so glad that I am sharing my adventure  with you guys.

Shop this look-

Slip Dress

Similar Fur Coat

Similar Choker Necklace 

I am so grateful for everyone that has been reading my posts and following me this far. Please share and follow it would mean the world to me.


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