Simple is Better

Hi darlings!

Sometimes you need a simple outfit for running around and doing errands or whatever. On these days I like to wear a plain t-shirt with black high-waisted jeans and I usually will throw a over-sized flannel to go with it.


dsc_02331Dressing up outfits with rings is probably one of my favorite things to do. If you are ever stuck with dressing up a casual outfit just layer on the accessories. dsc_02381dsc_02481

Also if you didn’t notice I didn’t even bother tying my shoes! I loosened up the laces and tucked in the ends instead. This gives off a lazy- effortless feel that’s always going to be popular because well let’s face it we’re all pretty lazy most of the time.


Another way to dress up an outfit is to wear a jacket, scarves, etc.. Also, Whenever I wear a scarf I like to have my hair up, especially with these big scarves. My hair always seems to get knotted up or static-y if I leave it down while wearing a scarf.

Shop the Look:

High- waisted skinny jeans 

Plain grey T-shirt

Timberlands  – Also worn in my Outfit of the Day July 1, 2016 post

Similar Flannel

Similar Jean Jacket


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