Back to Work| 3 Outfits

Hi darlings!

It can be difficult to dress appropriately for work and still show your individuality.Here are some of the outfits I’ve put together to wear to work. I have an office job, so I like to dress in a  professional way,  but with my own flare. I feel the best way to do this is to keep it simple then dress it up with accessories.  dsc_03321dsc_03281dsc_03251dsc_03481dsc_03461dsc_03341dsc_03441dsc_03491dsc_03512dsc_03541dsc_03571

Above is one of my newer looks. I just acquired this jacket and I love how it can dress up a simple outfit and look really official and proper. I’m obsessed with wearing simple t-shirts with nice pants or a skirt, so you will see me do that all too often but it’s easy an it looks super cute. dsc_04611dsc_04021dsc_03971dsc_03931dsc_03861dsc_03831dsc_03921dsc_03961

I absolutely love kimonos!! so when I saw this one I had to have it. I love how they can make a outfit look both comfy and stylish! It is the best combo ever. Kimonos  are a perfect accessory for work outfits.  dsc_03641dsc_03781dsc_03731dsc_03721dsc_03701dsc_03811dsc_03681

For those colder days I always wanna wear a sweater. This one is perfect for the office It warm, but not crazy warm because it is a lightweight sweater which is practically see-through. The skirt is also made of knitted material and is cozy. I love the color contrast as well both items are grey one is just much darker.

Looking professional is very important. You dress for the part you want. It you want to be a CEO, dress for it. What you wear really does make a statement, so it is important to put some effort into your outfits

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