The Right Way to Enjoy Black Friday

It is traditional in most cases to stay out Thanksgiving night and wait to shop early i the morning of black Friday. Black Friday is a day where stores offer amazing sales on their products so that people may get good prices for their holiday shopping.

Well, I’m sorry to say that you are doing it all wrong! While most people are out a 5 A.M. you could be sleeping in. I don’t know if you haven’t heard of shopping online, but it’s a thing and you can do it in your pajamas while you watch Christmas movies……genius right?

If your new to this strange ideaDSC_0225[1].JPG I’ll help you out with a few ways to help you enjoy your black Friday and still get the shopping done.

  • Sleep in and wake up after 8 A.M. Why would you want to go out so early when you don’t have to.
  • Eat left over Thanksgiving food for breakfast. I’m not one to judge you for having pumpkin pie. This opportunity doesn’t present itself everyday. eat pie for breakfast today.
  • Get out the Christmas movie classics. It’s a tradition in my house to watch at least a few Christmas movies on black Friday.
  • You should still be in your pajamas by the way. There is no reason to change out of them if your not going out.
  • Get you laptop/ tablet/ smartphone and do all of your black Friday shopping online. Most of the deals you can get at stores you can get online too! I prefer shopping online anyways.
  • Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate. there is nothing that gets you in the Christmas mood quite like hot chocolate.
  • Eat more Thanksgiving leftovers. I know there was more than you could eat yesterday.
  • If you find yourself with extra time during the day bake some cookies. We all know how busy Christmas season is and I don’t know if you’ll get a chance to bake more after today.

Well, I hope you’ve realized it’s a good idea to stay home and avoid the crowds. That’s what I’m going to do…get my Christmas shopping done while watching my favorite Christmas movies. What could be better?

UPDATE- Black Saturday Sales 2018

H&M -20% off site-wide

ASOS- 25% off site-wide

Urban Outfitters – Extra 30% off sale items

Forever 21 – 50% off with code EXTRA50

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