Stolen Sweatshirt 

Hi Darlings!

This week I wanted to do a super comfortable outfit for those cold fall days. I stole this sweatshirt from one of my brothers and fell in love with it! It’s funny how sometimes when you’re not looking you find the best things.img_18671-editedimg_18641-editedimg_18691-edited

I tried to find one like it online for you guys but couldn’t accomplish my mission. It is by Russell Athletic, a popular company in the 90’s, if you would like to try to find one similar. This sweatshirt is just so big and baggy and the inside is super soft. It’s perfect for those cloudy or rainy days when you just want to cuddle up in something warm. img_18802-editedimg_18811-editedimg_18941-editedimg_19431

I was afraid the green and black may be too dark together but I think it works. I tried to lighten it up a bit by adding grey Vans. I love my vans so much, I wear them everywhere!  To dress it up a bit I wore a small collection of rings and added my favorite baseball cap, which I HAD to buy just because it said “darling” on it. Also, I have recently become obsessed with baseball caps so the more the better!!



Shop the Look:

Darling Baseball Cap

Grey vans

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