Before You Dye Your OWN Hair!!!

Almost everyone nowadays dyes their hair. I’ve noticed it getting less common to see people with their natural colored hair. Now as you may know it is cheaper to dye your own hair , you could save a lot of money just by making yourself your own hairdresser. This is easier said than done,that’s why I’ve had my fair share of trials and errors. So let me impart my knowledge of all things hair dyeing to you.img_18181

  • Stop dyeing your hair two months before you color your hair– If you just got your hair done and you’re trying to fix it…You’re waiting a little longer. Sorry, but your hair needs a break. You should be waiting as long as possible in between touch-ups and such.
  • Deep condition -This is something you don’t wanna skip. Make sure you deep condition a couple of days before and immediately after dyeing your hair. Dye and bleach strip oils from your hair that you need. So, deep condition to retain moisture.
  • Make sure you get a good quality hair dye– One time I tried to dye my hair auburn and it turned purple. Not that I’m complaining I liked it, but it only lasted a week anyways. Also, this past summer I tried again with a different brand and it was pretty….for two weeks. It seemed my hair just wanted to be blonde. Or I was buying the right brand. My new favorite that works wonderfully is One ‘n Only which has Argan oil in it and it works so well!
  • Get shampoo conditioner for after– It is very important to protect your beautiful new color so get color protecting shampoo so it will last longer.
  • Use sulfate FREE shampoo and conditioner- This goes along with the previous tip but it is very important for even people who don’t dye their hair. DON’T  USE SHAMPOO OR CONDITIONER WITH SULFATE IN IT! It is bad for your hair, especially if you dye your hair, and we wash our hair often which makes it worse over time if you are using a shampoo with sulfate in it. My favorite is here.
  • Don’t wash your hair everyday–  I’m happy it’s getting more and more popular to have dirty hair. I love the in between shampoo days, it makes my hair easier to style and my hair has been so much healthier since I stopped washing it everyday. This also helps your hair color to last longer, so that’s cool.
  • You may not love it at first– This important who get their hair done at the salon too. Sometimes after you wash the dye out you’re like “Oh my God! What have I done to my beautiful hair?” Well you’ll get used to it, and I always end up loving my hair in the end. last weekend I dyed my hair a dark brown color and at first I didn’t like it too much. It was darker than I wanted, but right now I love it so much!!
  • Going darker is easier than going lighter– Bleaching is the worst thing in the world for your hair. If you want to go lighter I highly recommend just going to the salon. I bleached my own hair last year before school and it didn’t look bad but it was so dry and I had to wait a whole year before dyeing my hair again. 0 Stars would not try again. I had long healthy hair before I decided to bleach it myself. That’s all I’m saying.


Hair is so important to me and I’m constantly changing my mind about what I want. So, I probably save a LOT of money by doing it myself, and I learned a lot by doing it myself too. Learn from my mistakes and do it right people! I cannot stress how important it is to research and know what you are doing before you dye your hair. You can learn how to do just about anything on the internet take advantage of it. And learn to love your hair and treat it well no matter how it turns out.img_18071

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