Autumn Calls for Sweaters and Warm Socks



As the cold weather approaches we all resort to sweater as part of our fashion, and rightly so. Sweaters are the perfect piece of clothing they are so comfortable, beautiful, and warm all at the same time.

Last week I was looking at my closet and I just knew it was lacking something for the season. I have enough sweaters….more than enough, but I needed something specific. There’s nothing quite classically fall like quite like a cable knit sweater. So, while I was out one day I had to grab myself one. This will definitely be a staple piece for me this fall. I knew it would go well with this black floral skirt and a pair of heeled boots. I don’t wear sweaters and skirts together too often but I think after this I will start pairing them together more.

While getting dressed I looked at my outfit and noticed the sweater was lacking something. I wasn’t sure if this helped but I added a ombre’ coral colored necklace in hopes to give a little pop of color.

If you choose to wear a skirt in the fall, what I often do is wear tall warm knitted socks. I love the way it looks! and vintage boots will always be one of my big “go to” items for fall and winter.

I’m sorry that the quality of these pictures isn’t the best. They were taken on my Iphone. I wanted to get this out because I haven’t done a fashion post in a bit. You can read my last outfit of the day post here. There will be more to come so make sure you follow my blog to stay updated.



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