5 Hair Products I Can’t Live Without

Finding good hair products can be so hard. Am I right? I feel that I’m constantly trying to find products that make my hair healthy and beautiful. I have very sensitive or fragile hair and I can’t use any products that have a lot of chemicals in them I try to stick to all natural shampoos, conditioners, etc.

I have come across some amazing products on the journey to healthy hair. Like the title implies I probably could not go on without any of these products. dsc_99481

  1. Batiste dry shampoo– dry shampoo is an essential in my routine. I find my hair has been healthier since I stopped washing it everyday and this helps with oily hair on days in between washes. Batiste is my favorite brand it doesn’t dry out my hair as other brands have before. You can get this at an Ulta or sometimes at Charlotte Russe.
  2. Leave in Conditioner– I find this very useful especially in the winter when my hair dsc_99491often becomes dry and static-y. Leave in conditioner adds moisture to your hair because sometimes you wash out all the moisture of your regular conditioner when you rinse it with hot water….you should be using cold water but I’m guilty of this too. It can also be used as a heat protectant.dsc_99511
  3.   Organix Shampoo and Conditioner– I love organix because they are all natural and sulfate free which is great for your hair! I love all of their  different kinds of shampoo but the kind always leaves my hair extra moisturized and very soft. You can get it at Target or a supermarket near you.dsc_99521
  4. Ion Moisture serum– This stuff is awesome! when ever my hair is feeling really dry I
    just put some of this on the ends of my hair and it makes it feel so much better! Like I said my hair gets really dry during the winter. I’d highly recommend this stuff if you also have dry hair. You can get it Sally’s Beauty Supply. dsc_99541
  5. GMC hair, skin and nails– So many people have tried hair skin and nails and I
    recommend you give it a try. However when I tried the gummies the sugar in it didn’t sit well with my system and my hair became brittle. I switched over to the regular supplement kind  which are all natural and sugar free, I find it works so much better. It really depends on the person but be willing to give it a try.


I love all these products and use them either daily or at least weekly. It’s hard to find the perfect product but I do have favorites and these are them for sure! They keep my hair healthy and beautiful. Let me know what your go-to hair products are, and give my blog a follow. My social media links are above and below if you would like to follow me there as well.



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