Why You Should Be a Coffee Drinker: The Benefits Coffee Offers You

Having a cup of Coffee is an essential part of the day in most of our lives, but I’ve had people tell me they stopped drinking coffee because it’s bad for them or it costs too much. That is only true if you are ordering lattes and frappuchinos everyday. Some people mistake coffee for these sweet drinks. Coffee itself is good for you whereas all the sugar some of these beverages have in them are not. You should drink coffee everyday, just coffee without anything else in it.DSC_9966[1].JPG

Not only does coffee help to get your day going but it also…

  • Boosts you metabolism 1 Cup of coffee results in a 10% boost in your metabolism
  • Reduces fatigue and improves alertness the caffeine in coffee can prolong the time before exhaustion in athletes
  • Can be used to lower rate of depression 2-3 cups of coffee can reduce depression by 15% and 4 cups can reduce it by 20%
  •  Lowers the risk of cancer
  • Lowers risk of diabetes Coffee drinkers are less likely to acquire type 2 diabetes
  • Treats asthma – asthma patients who drink coffee have experienced fewer symptoms than those who do not
  • Lowers the risk of developing Parkinson’s – drinking 2-3 cups daily can reduce the chance of developing the disease
  • Improve memory Coffee can help both long and short-term memory, it can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.dsc_99601

Now of course all of these are true to coffee itself not with sugar and cream in your coffee, although that may be permitted every once in a while.

I’m not trying to tell you that you’re a horrible person for taking cream and sugar, I’m trying to tell you about all the health benefits you are missing out on. It took me a while to realize how much taking cream and sugar in my coffee everyday was affecting me. The most noticeable thing it was affecting was my skin. I can’t have a lot of sweets because my skin will break out, though I still have an occasional latte. So, changing over to drinking my daily cup black made a huge difference. My skin has been much clearer since I started drinking coffee black.

When I transition from my sweet beverages to straight up coffee it wasn’t pleasant at first. Coffee is bitter plain, and you kind of just have to get over yourself and do it. Make it a habit and you won’t know why you ever did anything different. Now I drink black coffee everyday and I’m obsessed. I loved coffee before, but now it’s delicious and healthy.

You could be improving your whole life by making this change. Coffee has so many health benefits if you drink it in its true form….plain ol’ coffee. It’s something you drink everyday, and you should…..just don’t drink it with sugar and cream.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that you learned something. Maybe you’ll make a life changing decision today….like following my blog! gdarling


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