DIY Stiletto Nails

I have recently gotten into the stiletto nail trend, but I don’t have the money or time to go and get them done professionally all the time, although I would love to. So, I took it upon myself to learn how to do them at home, and I love it. They make your hands look elegant, people will always notice and compliment them, and they help if you have dermotillomania (a desire to constantly pick at your skin.) Ever since I started wearing them my nails always look so much neater and cleaner. Some say stilettos are too long and they can’t do anything with them on, but you get used to them quickly and you can still do just about everything while wearing them.

Materials needed:dsc_98411

  • Long nail tips or extensions (terrific tips and nail bliss are both wonderful)
  • Nail glue- I find the brush on kind easier to work with
  • Nail trimmers
  • A coarse nail file
  • Nail polish of your choice ( I used smokin’ hot by Essie)
  • Optional: nail buffer, lotion, cuticle stick/cuticle remover

All these things can be found at a Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Before I start applying the acrylic nails I like to soak my hands to heal and improve circulation in my nails.


  • Fill a bowl 3/4 of the way with warm water
  • Add a handful of Epsom salt and a teaspoon of coconut oil
  • Soak hands for a few minutes

After, dry your hands. Then trim down your nails and buff them like you would do if you were giving yourself a regular manicure. Make sure to cut your nails short, but not too short. You want to have them short enough where you can’t see them too well under the fake nails.

Now you should be ready to start applying your acrylic nails.

Step 1: Get out all the nails you need and fit them to your fingers so you have the right sizes out and ready to go. If some don’t fit perfectly you can file them down to fit. dsc_98421

Step 2:  Apply the nail glue to your real nail and stick on the acrylic nail. Make sure you press them down for 30 seconds or else they may not stick well.

Step 3: Shape the nail using a nail trimmer and a coarse nail file. Cut the nails into a pointy triangle shape at the length you choose.Use the file to perfect the shape.

Step 4: Now all you need to do is choose your favorite color nail polish and paint them!dsc_98531

*Tip* If i ever mess up and get nail polish on my skin, and I often do, I just use nail polish remover and a cotton swab to fix it up.

*Tip 2* A quick way to get your nails to dry is to soak them in ice water for a minute after you have painted them.

Then you should have beautiful stiletto nails to show off.

This is one of my favorite trends and I do it so often. I can wear them to work and they don’t get in the way of what i am doing. They are absolutely stunning!!

Thank you for reading! Be sure to share this or pin it on Pinterest so you can read it later. There are more good beauty ideas to come so make sure you follow me to see those when they come out. If you try this out be sure to post a picture on Instagram and tag me, my account is linked on the top of my page.

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