YouTube Video | Painting

I spent this past week getting back into painting which I haven’t been able to do in a while. The only practice I get is painting set pieces for a local school drama department, I never had much experience other than a few classes in High School. I don’t take art classes anymore although I would love to if I could find the time. I believe anyone can paint as long as they have a vision. To me that’s the hardest part about painting, finding something to paint.

Painting Video

The main reason I did this video was not for the blog post but because sometimes we need a break from the normal routine. I think taking time to paint is the best way to shut the world out for a little bit. Art is usually the best way to accomplish this. So, take a minute to watch the video and step away from the stress. I hope I can do more videos like this on my YouTube channel that are just for fun.

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Thanks for reading!!!


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