Establishing A Connection: Making a Friend Makes a Difference

The best photo shoots are the ones that are more than just a photo shoot, the ones where you travel to  make it happen, not only for the photos, but for the experience. My friend and I had to get her senior pictures done and we were planning on going to Pennsylvania for the weekend of my birthday. We decided to kill two birds with one stone and get them done while on a mini-vacation.

The venue (Longwood Gardens) was stunning, almost magical; walking around the gardens was like being transported to a different world. We spent more time looking at the gardens and adventuring around then actually taking senior photos. I think I may have more photos of some of the exhibits of different plants than of my client from this session! (I’ve included a few below.)

Another part of this experience that made it enjoyable was that even though it was cloudy the lighting was PERFECT! I personally prefer to shoot when it’s a little cloudy as the clouds diffuse the sun light a bit so it’s not quite so harsh. Another factor that played into the amazing light was that even when we shot inside, the place was infused with light because it was one over-sized greenhouse. The majority of the roof was glass which allowed natural light to come in to give a nice soft glow. The only regret I have from this shoot is not taking more pictures!

These photos reflect the easy going sensibilities of the day we had.  Knowing my client as a long time friend made the session go very smoothly! I believe all photographers should approach clients as if they are  friends,  getting to know them so that the photographer and client can work together as a team rather than  doing all of the work solo. Establishing a connection can help the photographer bring out their client’s personality in the photos.

Please comment with your thoughts on this, tell me if there was something I could’ve done better as far as photography goes, I really would love feedback and interaction!! Don’t forget follow the blog and social sites to stay up to date!

Lots of Love.






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