Summer and Spring Trends I Adore!

Before we jump into fall and all the fashion excitement that comes with it, I wanted to take a moment to share and appreciate many of the trends that were popular over the summer and spring of 2016.

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  1. Luxurious all white– Some people are scared to go all white and I don’t blame them one bit. White can get dirty so easy, just the other day I spilled coffee on white pants I own. ūüė¶ ¬†So I totally understand. However I think every women should wear an all white outfit every once in a while. It gives a very clean, pristine look that makes a casual outfit look a little more luxurious. Nothing could look more chic and classic.
  2. Jeans button down skirts – ¬†The kids¬†born in the 90’s are the face of fashion today and they brought denim trends with them. Denim is classic!¬†The world will never tire of it, and it will forever be a trend. No matter weather it is used to make pants, jackets, shirts, or skirts it will never ever ever die. I especially love the sleek straightness that the material brings to the skirt giving a simple addition to any outfit. ALWAYS a good go to.
  3. Bomber jackets – ¬†With big stars like The Weeknd and Kylie Jenner wearing these bomber styled jackets often¬†there is no wonder they are popular. Appearing in Gucci’s 2016 Spring fashion Show, as the slideshow above shows, the jackets are a show stopper being made in silk with elaborate detailed embroidery and sporty hems.¬†They are both comfortable and stylish and I need like 10… least!!
  4. Camouflage prints – Being a tom-boy has been popular since probably the 60’s (I don’t actually know) and camouflage helps create the fashionable tom-boy look we all love. I see Rihanna wear camo all the time and she couldn’t be more feminine doing it!! It is so trendy to mix tom-boy and girly pieces in an outfit. If you invest in one thing this season (especially right before fall because of how popular outer-wear is during this time) LET IT BE THIS! You will not be disappointed.
  5. Lace up and caged high heels – I have been RAGING over these since I first saw them! I especially love the roman lace up sandal look I’ve been seeing everywhere. I could buy them in every color. The caged look is very similar and absolutely stunning with all the lattice and other detailed work put into them. It may sound strange but when I wear them my feet feel sexy. I don’t have a foot fetish I swear, I just feel that strongly about these type of shoes. I’m honestly speechless about them and i would¬†very strongly encourage you to grab a pair…or six. Definitely a good idea.

I will definitely miss summer fashion as we move into fall, but i have to say I am going to take some of these trends with me as I embrace the cold weather and comfy sweaters. Truly amazing trends will never fully die out!

Thank you for reading my post. check out the rest of my site, my social media (Links are on  the top of this page) and feel free to comment or to contact me! Feedback is much appreciated and not taken too personally.

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