Half the Effort- All of the Style

We all have those lazy days where we don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into our hair (or makeup) or maybe some mornings you’re running late and just don’t have the extra time to put in the extra time. Well I have a solution for you. A simple hairstyle that is still chic and trendy. The half-bun.
 Acquiring a half bun is super easy. You just take the top half of your hair and put it into a bun and leave the rest down (I even curl the hair I leave down sometimes.) Another helpful lazy tip is to spray some dry shampoo near the crown of your hair ( I feel spraying it at my ends dries out my hair.)  My favorite dry shampoo is batiste hint of color dry shampoo.  This product keeps my hair clean, gives it volume and not turn my hair white like some dry shampoos do.


 A lot of people like to do the trendy topknot which is tighter and smaller, but I prefer to pull on the hair in the bun to make it more puffy and large. If it’s not perfect the first time around you are trying too hard lol. It’s supposed to be a messy/effortless look.


There you have it….the best simple hairstyle to ever be invented. Weather your going out for donuts like I love to do or going to work it’s the best fix for the trendy lazy lady.
 As for tips for doing makeup in the car….you’ll have to wait for that post.
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