#ootd July 1, 2016

Sweaters, high waisted shorts, and boots. What else do you need?

Who wears sweaters during the summer?! Oh. I do. Shorts and a sweater may seem like a strange combo but I find it perfect.

This type of outfit is perfect for living in  New England where sometimes it’s not too hot to pull off something like this in the summer. I love big sweaters that look like they don’t actually fit. Doesn’t everyone though? There is something about that laid back, non caring vibe that is so inviting.

The boots I’m wearing are Timberlands. I love these boots with every ounce of my being, they will be cherished forever. I like to wear this boots with shorts so they don’y quite give off that lumberjack feeling. Plus you can’t go wrong with high-waisted shorts in the summer….ever. Timberlands and shorts all the way!! 

I’m very happy we decided to do the shoot for this outfit outside because it goes with the outfit. It’s a little out-doorsy, and a bit fun and playful. A perfect summer afternoon.

One last detail is the back of this strappy sports bra. I like how these small detail kind of ties everything together. Also sports bras are just more comfortable than real bras, lets be honest. I hope you are all having a great summer and are ready for school or whatever you got going on to pick up again in September.

Off the Shoulder Sweater

High Waisted Black Cut Off Shorts

Timberland Boots

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