Becoming a Fashion Guru

My first post! Well, this is exciting.

Hello guys! *sighs* So this is my first post or my introductory post. This is it! The beginning of my blogging career.DSC_8129

Welcome to my website! I’m Geneva Edgar, and I created this blog to share my fashion, makeup, and lifestyle with the world. I know there is already many blogs out there but this one is different. I would say my style is pretty different. I like a lot of grunge type styles, but I also like skater and luxury styles. It’s going to be quite the fashionable mix up in here. I will also be including a lot of artwork, because that is one of my many passions. My main focus will be on fashion, I hope to inspire you all to dress more freely and to wear what makes you happy and comfortable in your own skin. I plan to post on here once a week and hopefully more often as it grows. While working on this blog I plan to help you with any fashion problems you may have. So, please comment anytime or all the time.  I also would like to inspire you all to try new things and new styles all the time. That’s how you find all the best trends (the ones you discover first.)  I would greatly appreciate it if you were to follow me and stay engaged in my posts throughout this experience!
Thank you to all the bloggers which have inspired me, (i.e. Luanna Perez, Ellenvlora and many more) and thank you for visiting my blog and reading my posts. Hope you stay tuned and enjoy this journey with me!


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