10 Instagram accounts You NEED To Follow

Instagram is the most important social media outlet….at least to me.

Instagram is a very important social media platform to me. It’s always been my favorite because I’m a visual learner I guess. That’s probably why I love photography, painting and fashion, because they are all visual arts. Instagram is where my creativity thrives and where I find the most inspiration. ( Click on any of the account names and they will bring you to the Instagram account.)

1. luanna90Luanna Perez is one of my favorite fashion inspirations and I can spend hours looking through her post of her vintage grunge style. lua

2. anastasia.tasou -Anastasia posts are mainly quotes which are simple but meaningful. She also posts many artsy pictures that I enjoy a lot.anastasia.png

3. thelaceyclaireLacey Claire Rogers is a model who became known for being on the TV show, America’s Next Top Model. She was my favorite model throughout the twenty-second season and her fashion sense is envious! Her unique poses and expressions always keep me coming back to her Instagram to admire her gifted talent as a model.lacey

4. ellenvlora– I found Ellen while on the explore page of Instagram. I instantly fell in love with her hair, but as I continued to scroll down her feed I began to admire her amazing fashion sense as well. She has an amazing blog which is linked her bio on Instagram.  You will learn to love her trendy style as well!ellen.png

5. shenaegrimesbeechShenae has a style that is very old school, but still appeals to the modern fashion we love today. Her Instagram is filled with not only fashion but lifestyle and traveling as well. shenae

6. giizeleoliveiraGizele has a very modern take on grunge and punk rock style. Her clothing choices seem very Coachella inspired. I find a lot of fashion inspiration from her page. gizele

7. vintageenaGina is another one of my favorite fashion bloggers, and her Instagram is amazing! She isn’t afraid to try something different that none of us would try.  Her style is very grunge and 70’s rock based, and her blue hair makes her stand out in your head so you’ll always remember her. She has unique fashion sense and personality that’ll draw you in.gina.png











8.  murdasworldMichael Heverly is one of my favorite male models. He  has always stuck out to me because of his long hair, which I absolutely adore! He is a must follow for sure.


9. mitchgobel_resinartMitch is amazing artist and his Instagram is full of pieces similar to the one you see in the picture above. Since he’s an artist, you guessed it! He ALSO has an incredible fashion sense. mitch

10. muradosmann – I’m sure most people have heard of the Instagram account followmeto, but I believe this account is better. It has more shots and less behind the scenes posts. The account is run by a husband who takes photos of his wife around the world. It is very adorable and all of their post make my heart throb!wedding-photos-follow-me-to-couple-murad-osmann-natalia-zakharova-15

I can’t let you read this post without following my Instagram account as well. Please follow me on there as well as on my blog. My links to my Instagram and all my other social media are at the bottom and top of this page, my Instagram username is @genneydarling if you can’t find the link. These are the top ten of the Instagram pages I recommend! Thank you for reading this post! I hope you feel inspired to follow these accounts and learn to love them as much as I do.

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