Mellow Yellow

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I’m very excited for this week because I have a lot of time off of work and I will be spending more time on my blog. So, you can expect a few more posts this week….and maybe even a video (we’ll see). mellow yellow 2Mellow yellow 3I love yellow a lot right now. Before the two yellow shirts I’ve bought recently I had no yellow in my closet. I thought it was too bright for my taste since I usually like more subdued colors, but yellow can be mellow too. mellow yellow 4mellow yellow 5This greenhouse is absolutely beautiful. It took everything in me not to go home with 50 new plants for myself. It was very enjoyable to just walk around and take in all the beauty from trees, flowers even to waterfalls. I definitely need a man-made waterfall in my future garden.   mellow yellow 6Mellow yellow 7After going here and taking these pictures I am seriously considering having my own greenhouse in the future. I love plants so much and I wish we could just have plants everywhere. Mellow yellow 8

Similar Shirt – Mustard Yellow Ribbed Off the Shoulder – Unique Vintage 

Similar Skirt – Denim Pencil Skirt – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Lawren Shoe- Just Fab

Bag- Quilted faux Leather Cross-body – Forever21

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My Dream Closet Space | Inspired by Arhaus

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Have you ever dreamed of what your future dressing room would be like? Maybe a room big enough to fit all the clothes you dream about having? Maybe with a couch to lounge on as you decide which shoes you want to wear today?

Well today I am partnering with Arhaus to dream a little more and give some visual aid to my dreams.

Here is a style board of some of the things I hope to have in my future closet. The furniture is all found on Arhaus’s websiteDream Closet Mood Board.jpg

I always wanted a closet that has plenty of space for not only clothes but shoes, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, etc….Obviously. However, I also would want some space for a couch and a few chairs as well as a desk so that I could work on blog posts and such in their. It could be part closet part office.

I figured I would choose a pendant light instead of an ostentatious chandelier. It is only a dressing space after all. Of course windows are a must so that natural light could illuminate the room as well. The closet space would have glass doors so that I could see into my closets and I would have a few plain mirrors and one or two of these fancy ones you see in the image. To hold all the pairs of shoes I will have a wall or two of just shelves, bags and hats could go there too. A few plants in different areas of the room might be a good idea as well because one can never have to many little trees or succulents.

I want the space to feel sophisticated but without overdoing it. It would have a  pretty clean and natural color palette (most likely ivory, gold, and black) and I would adorn the wall with this picture of Audrey Hepburn balancing a martini glass on her forehead.audrey


Dreaming up a dressing room is a lot of fun and looking through pinterest gave me a lot of good ideas which you can see on my dream closet board. There is still plenty of time to plan my dream dressing room more and I’m sure my plans will fluctuate between now and then. closet.jpg

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Shades of Cool

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This week has been crazy but here I am with another great  outfit posts for you guys.

Shades of cool 1Shades of Cool 3I really liked shooting on top of this parking garage because it was absolutely beautiful on top of there looking down at little downtown Dover, New Hampshire. It was such a nice day, the sun was shinning down on us and there was a cool breeze. After we were done we just laid down on the ground since there was no one there. The whole time there was some indie band playing in the park so we got free entertainment as well. Shades of Cool 6Shades of Cool 7This shirt I got earlier on a thrift haul. I was really stressed so the only way I knew to help was shopping therapy. Shades of Cool 9These shoes have been in my closet since the winter and now I’m finally able to wear them. They are so cute and pretty comfortable as well. Shades of CoolThis sweater I am absolutely obsessed I also got this on while thrift shopping this week . I love it because it is SO DARN big. I loved over-sized anything  really but this sweater, the second I saw it on the rack it was mine. The shades are another new favorite from Sunglass Warehouse. They sent them to me to try out and I love them. They mirrored lenses always make me feel futuristic.


Similar Shirt-   Ribbed Mock Neck Bodysuit – Forever 21

Similar Sweater- Men’s Grayers Jensen Button Cardigan- Nordstrom

Shades- Bastille Shades- Sunglass Warehouse

Similar Shoes – Lulu Block Heel- Target

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Hello Darlings!

Today is Easter so I would firstly like to wish you all a happy Easter. Easter is one of my favorite holidays because of the new dresses girls would buy for church or family gatherings on this day, often dresses with floral prints and bright pastel colors. So, I decided that today would be a good day to post this outfit including this dress I bought recently. Blush 4Blush 3I love maxi dresses because they elongate your figure making you look taller…especially if you are wearing heels as well. They are so flowy and comfortable you can wear them to an event or just around town. I think everyone needs a couple of maxi dresses in their closet for sure. Blush 2Blush 6I made sure the heels I was wearing were comfortable enough to wear around town so as usual I opted for wedges as they usually have more support than stilettos. I also wore this kimono because it gets a little chilly towards the evening this time of year. Blush1Blush 5Maxi dresses are the ultimate spring and summer dress so you should definitely get one for your warm spring/summer days.

Blush Pink Maxi- Similar from ASOS

Gold Wedges – Similar from Charlotte Russe

Panama Hat- Camel Wool Panama Hat – Target

See Kimono in my Work Outfits post.

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Skin Care Favorite| Murad Clarifying Mask

Hello darlings!

Today I wanted to tell you about this clay face mask that I have been using quite a bit lately. The Murad Clarifying Mask is made for acne prone skin and it reduces the redness and irritation in your skin therefore causing less breakouts and it also absorbs oils and dirt drawing out the impurities in your pores. DSC_4986[1]

I love it because of how well it cleans out my pores. I have always had trouble with having large pores and it can be difficult to clean my skin well enough but this mask helps a lot. Also I’ve noticed that some masks are a little to harsh and sting for a bit when I first put them on my skin  but this is a very natural clay based mask and it also doesn’t take forever to dry like some do. You just apply it to your face, wait 10 minutes or until dry and then wash off with warm water.

This mask is very good for spot treatment but also for an overall clean face. It is definitely an essential part of my skin care regimen.

Murad Clarifying Maski

**This is not a paid add I just really love this product and wanted you guys to know about it**


Let’s Call it Spring

Hello darlings!

I am so happy it is finally warm enough to wear shorts….well in the middle of the day at least. Yesterday I decided that it was so nice that I wanted to go canoeing. So, that is exactly what I did. Spring 2Spring 4I was so happy to finally be able to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Plus I haven’t been canoeing in forever. It was the perfect temperature outside plus I needed to get some sun on my skin since it is basically reflecting the light right now. So, I opted for shorts and a cropped hoodie with some rubber boots that wouldn’t get ruined. I thrift-ed both items so, sadly I can not tell you where to find them. I cropped the hoodie myself I’ve been really into cropping shirts and sweatshirts that I find at the thrift store recently. I feel when you do it yourself it’s like customizing it….No one else has that piece in their closet. Ya feel?  Spring 6Spring 7The whole mini cane trip was super fun. My friend and I just listened to music and enjoyed the lazy Sunday afternoon taking pictures of the beautiful scenery reflected in the glassy water. SpringI’m so glad I took this mini-adventure and I wish to do it more often during the spring and summer. I want to encourage all of you to do this to. Go on a bike ride or a boat ride….take a walk and go someplace new. I love doing new things and going places I’ve never been before. It really helps you take a break from whatever you’ve got going on in your life.

Similar Cropped Hoodie – ASOS

Similar Mom Jean Shorts – Urban Outfitters

Roadie Boots- EBay

Purple Sunnies- Torrid

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Clearing My Mind on a Cloudy Day

Hello darlings! I know this post is a little later in the week than normal but that’s okay! As long as I stay dedicated right? This week has been so cloudy and rainy which is kinda sad because I feel like I have been waiting forever to be able to wear shorts, enjoy the fresh […]

Hello darlings!

I know this post is a little later in the week than normal but that’s okay! As long as I stay dedicated right?

This week has been so cloudy and rainy which is kinda sad because I feel like I have been waiting forever to be able to wear shorts, enjoy the fresh air and eat ice cream, but I love the rainy days too. They are perfect for sitting back with a hot cup of tea and watching some black and white movies. Am I right?

Cloudy day 1Cloudy day 2This outfit is perfect for those laid back rainy day vibes! I love the grey off the shoulder sweater with the washed out mom jeans,and my creepers are my absolute favorite shoes to wear with just about every outfit as I am sure you noticed. Cloudy day 3Cloudy day 4I’ve been feeling kind of stuck with my outfits in a way but last week I cleaned out my closet a bit and I feel that helped me a lot.  Getting rid of some of the stuff I never wear not only made room for more clothes but gave me new ideas with some of my old pieces that I still love but haven’t worn in a bit…one being this sweater. Cloudy day 5Cloudy day 8Other ways to help organize your ideas for outfits is to either go window shopping or to look for inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest. (I have all my social media accounts linked at the bottom of this post). I think it is important to keep surrounding yourself with inspiration, social media gives us such great platforms for this. Cloudy day 6Cloudy day 7

Sweater- Also featured in #ootd July 1, 2016

Shoes-T.U.K Creeper shoe in black velvet

Bag- Forever 21 Black quilted cross-body

Similar Choker- Forever 21 Satin Choker

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